1.4 Cr people might be forced to migrate to other areas due to ‘Climate changes’ over Asia; report

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Around 4 crore people will be forced to migrate to other parts of the world by 2050 says CANSA (Climate Action Network South Asia) and action aid international.

Already migrated

The report also mentioned that people have already migrated to other parts onset of the sudden change of climate and other such natural calamities. And this rate might alarmingly increase unless the country makes necessary arrangements in accord with the climate changes.

Solar energy and other renewable sources

On the other hand, India in its efforts to reduced Co2 emissions; will be able to easily achieve a reduced climate change along with its improvement in solar energy, biomass energy, etc, says a report.

The Paris agreement

Bryan Jones, one of the writers of the report, used a model that projects future changes in the spatial distribution of the population, from which the estimation of climate change led migration is estimated. The writers of the report have also added ecosystem loss, drought, and water and agriculture sectors as new factors that stimulate climate-based migration. The writers have drawn these conclusions on the assumption that countries will start taking action towards meeting their pledges and targets under the Paris Agreement.

Everyone’s responsibility to save the nature

Whatever might be the results of reports infer; it is in the hands of each and every citizen of each country to take responsibility in reducing emissions that are harmful for the society. Managing proper eco-friendly measures will be the only way to slow down this process.

What do you feel about the current measures taken by the government for the natural changes? Are those effective enough?

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