20 seats for the BJP along with Kanyakumari for the Assembly elections.

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With humongous speculations wandering the corridors of the alliance grounds between the BJP and AIADMK, the AIADMK has allotted 20 seats for the BJP yesterday.

The seat sharing saga

With the Assembly elections coming at the tail, the major political faces of the state have started and some have even concluded the alliance and seat sharing discussions. But yet; with silent rigidness seeping through the roots of alliance between the BJP and AIADMK, the parties have finally agreed to a mutual seat share, where 20 seats were officially signed up for the national party.

In addition to this agreement, the seat of Kanyakumari is also promised to the BJP on the Lokshabha elections as the area was earlier accustomed to the late industrialist Vasantha kumar.

Other parties of alliance

The AIADMK has also reached mutual understandings with the PMK where 23 seats are promised to the party earlier. The DMDK is quoted for a potential ally but yet the agreement is not yet finalized.

The AIADMK’s  co-coordinator EPS is set to compete at Edapadi, his prime jurisdiction and his comrade OPS will boost for Bodhinaykannur; as per official reports.

Amongst all this, the opposition party DMK has finalized its seats with the allies yesterday, after many negotiations taking place earlier.

What do you feel about the current strategies of the ruling and the opposition parties? Will a new era be born?

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