22 people who returned from the UK have tested positive for COVID; samples forwarded to specialized labs to test whether it is the mutant COVID!

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The discovery that there is a new mutant COVID prevailing amongst London shook the entire world as we were just relieved with the reduced cases. Following its spreading, immediate discussions were established and all air transport from other countries were terminated on Tuesday. Yet, a more shocking truth surfaced when 7 individuals who had recently returned from Britain tested positive for COVID. Is this the new mutant virus?

Test for the new mutant COVID virus made mandatory

Gateway for a new battle with COVID?

As per reports, around 22 people who have returned from the UK to India in the last few weeks have tested positive for COVID. As there is already a mutant COVID spreading in the UK; the government is highly concerned whether this is the regular COVID or the gateway for another round of battle with a new mutant COVID virus? With his in one hand, the samples collected from these 22 individuals have been forwarded to the nation’s highly specialized labs to check whether they are the mutant COVID or not.

22 individuals who have retuned from UK have tested positive for COVID

RT-PCR test made mandatory for people who returned from UK

A report from NDTV has said that 11 of the passengers tested positive in Delhi, eight in Amritsar, two in Kolkata, and one in Chennai as of now. Though India has not reported having any cases of the new COVID; the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare banned flights from the UK between December 22 and December 31 as a precaution. The government also issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) for those flying into India from the UK, making RT-PCR test on arrival mandatory for those who have returned from other countries, especially the UK.

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7 day self-isolation advised by Aviation Minister

Following this, Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri advised seven-day isolation for passengers from the UK, adding that those testing positive should be sent for institutional quarantine set up by the state or Union territory. Also, a little rollercoaster ride took over Delhi airport when 5 passengers who were tested positive for COVID went missing!  Three of them were traced on Tuesday night and admitted to Delhi’s Lok Nayak Hospital while the two others who had reached Punjab and Andhra Pradesh were brought back on Wednesday. And for those who have tested negative for COVID are also asked to maintain self-isolation for another couple of weeks as a precautionary measure.

Spreads 70% more rapidly!

The country is on full alert following the current spreading of the new mutant COVID. The fact that the new virus spreads 70% more rapidly is another point of concern for governments all over the world.

Will India sustain the new COVID as we did with the previous one? What safety measures can be followed to curb the transmission of COVID?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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