COVID in Coimbatore

628 patients have been discharged after successfully battling COVID in Coimbatore

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COVID updates in Coimbatore

628 patients have been discharged yesterday in Coimbatore, after successfully battling COVID. This is observed to be a great milestone in the recovery rate of the city and the state.

COVID in Coimbatore
448 cases confirmed

About 448 people from Hope College, Citra, Peelamedu, Singanallur, Annur, Madhukarai, Kuniamuthur, Karamadai, Pollachi, Thudiyalur, Mettupalayam and Sulur localities were found positive for COVID yesterday.  The aggregate count of total number of COVID patients filed is increased to 35,933. 

3 dead  

Also around 3 people which included a 31- year- old female and two senior citizens of age 66, 76 died yesterday rising the fatality rate to 479 as a whole in the city.

628 recovered

In this situation, the recovery rate in the city has been constantly increasing over the past few weeks as per reports. The COVID treatment speciality hospitals such as ESI and other government authorised private hospitals have recorded around 628 fully recovered patients who were discharged yesterday. This record is marked to be a milestone in the recovery rate of the city so far with very less fatality cases. 

Recovered count of 30,690

With yesterday’s recovery, about 30,690 patients have been completely recovered from the city so far. The city is marching towards a greater recovery rate with highly efficient panel of health workers, a recovered patient said. If this continues, sooner there will be no death in the city said a municipal worker.

4764 patients undergoing treatment

And with all these positive news all over the city, about 4,764 patients are yet in combat with COVID. 

COVID free city

The city of Coimbatore has very well bounced back from the COVID pandemic with better hospitals, health workers and better sanitation methods. All these collaborative efforts have ensured that the city is well protected against the nasty virus.

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Let’s hope that the recovery rate increases even more and make the city ‘COVID free’ soon.

What do you feel about the city’s measures against COVID? Is this enough or satisfactory?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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