Afghan President denies the claim that he fled with money; says tried to avoid further bloodshed

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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has been claimed to have fled Kabul after the Taliban breach with large sums of money. And in a recent video released on social media, Khani has denied the accusation.

Denied accusations

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has released his first video on social media in a long time. In this video, he explained that he only left the country to avoid further bloodshed and never took any monetary resources with him. President Ghani was subjected to heavy criticism following his fleeing from the country ahead of the Taliban dominance.

He also made it clear that he left the Presidents office as the Taliban breached the deal for not entering Kabul. Ghani posted this video on his Facebook page earlier on Wednesday that he moved to the UAE immediately, following the Taliban breach in Kabul.

He thanked the Afghan troops for providing safety for all in these difficult times and he also felt sorry about the failure in the peace talks between the country and the Taliban in snatching rule.

Was forced to leave Afghanistan with one set of traditional clothes – Ghani said

While explaining the accusations levelled by the Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan that he had stolen USD 169 million from state funds before fleeing. Ghani said that he could barely put on his boots before rushing out. Also, he said that” (he) “ I was forced to leave Afghanistan with one set of traditional clothes, a vest and the sandals I was wearing”.

“Do not believe whoever tells you that your president sold you out and fled for his own advantage and to save his own life…these accusations are baseless…and I strongly reject them,” he delivered.

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Heartbreaking moments

Following his breach, Afghan has been capitalised on the Taliban and the world is witnessing heartbreaking moments from the nation. Citizens have been clinging to aeroplane wheels and many deaths have been witnessed so far. America in the climax of this situation has declared President Ashraf Ghani is no longer a player in the battle of Afghan anymore.

What do you feel about the situation in Afghanistan? Will there be a new ray of hope shining above the Afghans?

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