After a whole month of severe rise, Chennai falls down below 5000 for the first time afresh

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All Residents are yet advised not to lower their safety protocols and also to get vaccinated at the earliest as per the state government.

Cases Surging up

The city of Chennai was under a total critical situation as the number of COVID cases in the state was constantly rising above 5000 marks. The state issued various precautionary methods to reduce the spreading. The city reached a peak of 4000 fresh cases by April 27th and the graph since then has been constantly surging up.

Reduction in the number of cases after a month

The cases were on a rise of about 26% by May 10 which was all pushing down the hopes and the alacrity of the public and all health care workers. And at this crucial point, a ray of hope arose when the cases surging finally started to dwindle when the percentage of spreading became 17.22% by May 23rd. This new trend has for sure creating some optimism in the minds of the people.

This might be a small victory in the battle, but yet, officials have given counsel that the people must maintain the safety protocols stringently and should make sure everyone gets vaccinated. And as per reports, Anna Nagar and Adayar top the table in the maximum number of cases, and in contrast, Manali has the least.

The Chennai jurisdiction which includes Chennai, Chengalpet, Tiruvallur, and Kancheepuram, and the total number of new cases on May 24 was 8,928 against 10,827 cases in Tamil Nadu’s western region. On the same day, Chennai had 48,151 active cases, compared to Coimbatore with 33,325 reported cases.

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5.62 lakh people completed both doses

The vaccination in Chennai has been decent as around 18.36 lakh people who have taken a single dose and nearly 5.62 lakh have taken both doses. While discussing the matter, Narayana Health chairman Dr. Devi Shetty said that “We need to ramp up vaccination as fast as possible as that alone will prevent the virus from transmitting to more people,”

The city and the state must maintain this positive stream to ensure we get some control over the pandemic.

What do you feel about the increasing number of cases in Tamilnadu? Will the state thrive above the pandemic?

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