AIADMK stands with DMK as the current ruling party urges the central government to abolish the NEET medical entrance examination forever

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In his letter to the PM, OPS the AIADMK party’s co-admin, mentioned that it will be strenuous for students from backward community to appeard for the exam as its primarily based on NCERT-CBSE curriculum and might find it hard to afford it.

Rare solidarity towards welfare

Over rare solidarity, the two Dravidian political heads have come in unison in abolishing the NEET entrance exam. The state’s battle over NEET with the central government has been going on for a while and every government is trying to make it their primary demand to end this.

A day earlier on June 5th, the current CM of Tamilnadu has written for the PM on the canceling of NEET and all other national-level examinations. The CM had earlier said that the professional courses seats will be allotted based on the HSLC or 12th public examination marks.

Battle against NEET

Supporting the CM, the opposition party AIADMK has come to lend a helping hand in the battle against the NEET in the state against the central administration. OPS even noted down that the late CM J Jayalalitha worked hard in this matter till her demise in 2016.

Separate replies

The central government in return for their requests has sent two official reports separately to the two different leaders. He pointed out to the PM that it would be extremely hard for students from socially and economically backward students to take the exam since it is based on the NCERT-CBSE curriculum. And, these students were also not in a position to pay the fees charged to the coaching centers.

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Meanwhile, CM Stalin on June 5 has announced that he will set up a high-level committee to study the impact of NEET on medical college admissions over the last few years in the state. The committee will examine how government school students and students from socially and economically marginalised backgrounds have been affected by NEET.

What do you feel about the current situation of NEET in Tamilnadu? Will there be a favorable reply from the center?

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