Air India rejoined with its parent organization after 68 years; Ratan Tata welcomed Air India in his Tweet earlier, thanking the Nation in this memorable reunion

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Air India, one of the marvels of modern India was occupied by the Tata group. But soon out of many shortcomings and practical difficulties, Air India was nationalized. But in its all-time functionality, the company was once again shaken by numerous mismanagement which further deprived the company as a whole. And at this juncture, the Tata group has once again gained control over Air India after winning a historical bid.

From Tata airlines to Air India

Tata group of companies have been the pioneers in introducing numerous newer services in India. Tata airlines were first established by J.R.D Tata; the nations first pilot; in 1932. Initially used for non-passenger services, the airlines soon extended their services to passenger mode. Since then, the nations first-ever airline has been serving the nation nationally and internationally.

The ‘Maharaja’ of Indian airlines

Apart from its glorious history, the ‘Maharaja’ of Indian airlines has gone through several hardships in terms of management and handling over the years. This followed the transfer of the company to the government and later led to greater losses after the rising of newer private airlines.

The government in an effort to save the company from total dismantle; announced to sell 76 per cent of its stake in the national carrier. But initially, none showed interest in buying the company with the conditions in action. With all this hovering over the airline, the Tata sons once again gained control over Air India with a huge bid of 18,000 crore rupees.

Welcome back Air India

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A committee of ministers on the disinvestment of Air India has reportedly approved the takeover and an official announcement will be made in the next few days. Following this historical reunion, the honorary president of the Tata group, Mr Ratan Tata took it to his Twitter by quoting, “Welcome back Air India”. In his Tweet, he added the achievements and great mottos on which the airline was laid.

The Air India reunion with the Tata sons group could bring great new upgrades to the 90 years old airline mammoth. And this might be the second life for the company and we can hope, ‘Maharaja’ to once again rule the Indian skies.

What do you feel about the transfer of Air India back to Tata sons? Will this be the beginning of another era of greatness?

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