Almost after 7 years in hibernation; DMK’s Alagiri is set to create sensations in Tamil Nadu over the 2021 elections

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Alagiri, one of the legendary member and the brother of the current DMK party’s leader, M.K Stalin, has started to spread waves of sensation as he speaks out in the hope that he might regain his position in the party and will compete in the 2021 elections on behalf of DMK, after been suspended from the party 7 years ago.

Regain his position

The estranged brother, Alagiri has regained hopes in spite of the dilemma he had suffered after meeting his supporters who suggest him to start a new party or to join the BJP. He hopes that he still can regain his spot in the DMK and could stand along with his brother once again.

Issue over Indiscipline?

Earlier, Stalin had pressurized the late. Karunanidhi; to suspend his brother from the grounds of the party on indiscipline norms 7 years ago though he had once occupied important positions like Organizing Secretary (South) and Union Minister. Stalin had also resented the clout that Alagiri enjoyed in the southern districts of the State, using this post.

Internal threats

With this in one hand, Karunanidhi had enough provocation when Alagiri had once asked him not to bestow any position to Stalin as he might die over his age. This was taken seriously and since then, Alagiri has not only been suspended from the party but also outlawed from the root family. This separation persisted even during the final rites of M. Karunanidhi where Stalin never involved Alagiri to perform any of so.

The BJP intervention

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With this on one side, the BJP who is seriously trying to ground its roots in Tamil Nadu might capitalize this situation as Alagiri can be a solid asset as he has gained great support over the South and especially.

Also, Alagiri in contrast was approached by Amit Shah to join hands with the BJP which he denied created a stronger confusion about where does he fit in the political face of Tamil Nadu.

A return ticket

With all these at stake, currently, Alagiri’s speeches when he meets his supporters have created sensational waves of a surprise to almost everyone on his perspective this time as he seeks a return ticket to the DMK.

But yet the decision is yet too made by Stalin who might dim the hopes of Alagiri very soon.

What do you feel about the current speeches of Alagiri? Will he return back to DMK?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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