America welcomes their 46th president yesterday. World leaders greet the newly appointed president

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Joe Biden gets bestowed with the title of the 46th President of America yesterday, Along with Kamala Harris; who has been positioned as the vice president of the United States of America.

The official Ceremony before former Presidents and first ladies of the country

Joe Biden, the member and the President-elect of the 2020 elections for the Democratic party, secured his seat of Presidency yesterday along with his comrade and vice president-elect; Kamala Harris yesterday before the people of America and the former Presidents and first ladies of the country, which accounts for their customs and traditions.

The ‘Absentees’

In contradiction to this, the immediate past President Donald Trump and his wife were absent for the ceremony; were missed over the White house yet celebrated in certain sectors of the society.

The American people also gave a sigh of relief with the new President; as the country has gone through enough negative remarks in the eyes of the world with the administration of the previous president. Biden has promised various effective reforms for the country, starting from the removal of the white domination over the blacks and many more.

The COVID pressure

Biden steps into the Oval with immense pressure, as he might want to make reforms in almost every field for American Welfare. Some of his major priorities for his time as President involves the COVID pandemic, a huge national tragedy that has taken the toll of more than 400,000 lives; the troubled economy that has had to deal with the effects of the pandemic; the ballooning national debt that is said to be close to US$ 30 Trillion; and racial unrest that has seeped into the country that goes much beyond looking merely at police encounters with African Americans and minorities.

Election fraud?

Biden has also been subjected to so many controversies with winning the election by Trump, as he accused Biden of fraud for several election irregularities which were later cleared off from Biden’s name by the Justice of America. And fighting these controversies, the current president did lose some time and now might end up straight to work as soon as he reaches the office.

The Capitol attack

Biden was also tested immensely when the Capitol was attacked by the supporters of Trump some days before which ended up in a massive quarrel and disrupt in the American soils and minds of the people.

The ‘First’ woman

On the other hand, Kamala Harris; who was the comrade in the elections for Biden and now the Vice President of the US, has secured not only the post; but also various other titles in the woman’s perspective. She becomes the first woman to become the Vice Pres. of the US, the first Indian American to become Vice pres. and also the first Jamaican American to become the Vice pres. of the US.

Millions behind

Millions stand behind these two people now, as America has gone through the worst time as a country for ages. World leaders have started pouring greetings and wishes for both Biden and Kamala; on becoming the President and Vice President of America.

From the world leaders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent his regards and best wishes to the duo via his tweet yesterday along with the PM of England, Boris Johnson. Boris, in his wish, had mentioned that both the countries shall strive towards similar ideologies and goals in the years to come including the Environmental changes.

Biden promised that he will make every step to rejoin the Paris pact for environmental safety as soon as he enters the Oval, he said. Finally, in his speech yesterday; Biden thanked the entire people of America and everyone who had played a key role in helping him reach this pinnacle of success.

With the new Presidency, the American people have begun to rejoice in happiness.

What do you feel about Biden as the President of the US? Will America get better?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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