Bangalore colleges and schools turned into containment zones following the spreading of COVID amongst 89 students in 15 days

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The schools and colleges in Bangalore have recently turned into hot spots and almost 89 students have tested positive in the state.

89 students test positive

Though the educational and student welfare committees are trying their best to make sure the schools and colleges in Bangalore function seamlessly without any spreading of COVID, around 89 students have tested positive lately which has led to transform major educational institutions into containment zones.

Regular classes have been scrapped

The educational institutions brought under the containment zones include schools, colleges, and polytechnic colleges, sources say. Also, in a recent meet with the government; regular classes in schools were shut down except for the classes of 10th, 12th, and final year students.

The state government have to do something so that the virus does not pass on for other kids as well, is the only request from the social activists.

What do you feel about the sudden rise in the number of COVID cases in Bangalore? Will the situation brought under control?

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