BJP campaign in Coimbatore reignited fears of riots as the supporters of the party pelt stones at the stores which were open

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The Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adhiyanath came to Coimbatore yesterday on a bike rally in support of the BJP candidate contesting there. But tensions rose when the supporters of the party shouted allegedly about the minority communities while walking over the Athar Jamaat Masjid and threw stones at shops.

Pelted stones at shops

The motorbike campaign which happened yesterday in Coimbatore on Wednesday (31-03-2021) under the UP CM, Yogi Adhiyanath went on to create fears among the masses when the supporters of BJP shouted allegedly about the minority communities and later pelted stones at the shops which were open during the rally.

The campaign took place supporting Vanathi Srinivasan contesting over the area and the things done by the BJP supporters have recalled an old riot in Coimbatore over the similar situation where 18 lives were the cost at the end.

Series of bomb blasts

Following the deaths, a series of bomb blasts took place in Coimbatore for a similar cause in 1998. One of them close to the venue of an election rally that was to be addressed by BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani. The blasts left 58 people dead.

Some shopkeepers said as,”We feared stepping out of our houses then. People looked at us suspiciously. Many refused to rent houses and shops to us. We had started to forget all the horror of those days and had begun living in peace. But, now, we fear that all that is going to change,” said Nasser Hussain, a shopkeeper selling bags in Town Hall.

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Riot specialists

Following this situation in Townhall, MNM leader Kamal paid a visit to the affected shops in the area and consoled them over the matter. He purchased a slipper set for himself and later the shopkeepers shouted in support for Kamal. He even tweeted about the matter and addressed the BJP as ‘ Riot specialists’.

One of the members from the DMK’s allies too visited the area and inquired about the matter later. Some parties have filed their regrets and asked the electoral bodies to dissolve the candidate position of Vanathi Srinivasan over the issue.

What will be the repercursions of the rally? What will be the response from the people on the issue?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussuion.

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