Tesla to roam Indian grounds next year: Musk’s tweet creates hype over car enthusiast and investors

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The global pioneer in electric car production Tesla motors is likely to start business in India next year. The company’s CEO Elon Musk replying to a tweet lately said that Tesla might enter Indian soil ‘Next year for sure!’

Next year for sure : Tesla Motors

This semi – announcement was made in a tweet by Elon while replying to the request raised by the Tesla club India, stating ‘India wants Tesla’. In his reply he said that they are planning to enter India by next year for sure.

Tesla and India so war

The statement of Musk has definitely created a lot of happy faces in India. But this is not the first time Musk has shown interest to begin his venture here. In 2018, he gave a similar statement that the Tesla motors might enter India within or on 2019. And now this is the second time he has said this to the Indian fans of Tesla.

Research & development in India

The company is planning to set up a research and development facility in Bengaluru next year as reports say. Bengaluru being the IT hub and silicon valley of south will be the perfect spot for the company to setup their R&D there experts say.

With Tesla entering India, it would create huge employment opportunities for the youth here. Also with the company setting in India, it would create a new trend of investing for the Indian investor’s point of view.


The companies’ stocks rose to a mammoth 420 % this year making it one of the most profitable carmakers in the world. With such a company entering the Indian market will improve the Indian economy simultaneously with also better improvement in quality as well.

What do you feel about Tesla entering India? Will there be more pros than mentioned above?

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