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Here is one of my favoutie and best sweet “Carrot halwa”. It is also called “Gajar ka halwa”. This has the best colour and texture and it is made up of carrot, sugar, milk, cardamom powder. It gives an appetizing effect after a meal. It is a dish that is always taken as a hot dessert and is one of the healthy desserts in South India.

Ingredients :




4.Cardamom powder


6.Dry grapes


Method of preparation :

*Take a pan and add some ghee to it. The first process to be done before making a sweet is roasting cashew and dry grapes. Keep them separately. This is done to make your work easy and fast.

*Add some more ghee to the pan and then add the grated carrot(carrots should be washed, peeled, and grated for a healthy dish). Roast the carrot for about 4-5 minutes and cook with milk till the raw flavour goes and also till it attains the fully cooked texture. The cooking of carrots with milk gives a good aroma and a better taste.


*After the carrot is cooked (all milk should be sucked by the carrot), add sugar and mix well. The sugar granules will start to melt, then add cardamom powder (making cardamom powder is an art).


*Sugar melts and becomes like water. Continue to cook for 5-7minutes till the sugar water(also called sugar syrup) cooks well with carrot.

*At last add ghee to the carrot halwa and mix well. The texture of the halwa is notified by 2ways easily

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1.When you flip the carrot halwa it will be smooth and will not stick to the pan.

2.The ghee you added to the halwa will be squeezing out and gives a good texture and aroma.

*At last add the roasted cashew and grapes to the halwa and mix well.

*Transfer it into a bowl and serve hot.

      This is a healthy sweet and all the children will love to eat this.

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