Center launches e-Vouchers to help poor people get paid vaccines

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The center has earlier announced e-Vouchers for economically weaker sections to get paid vaccines from private sectors.

Non- transferable e-Vouchers

As a part of the relaunched vaccine drive in India, the center has allocated non-transferable e-Vouchers to the citizens, especially for economically weak sections to get their vaccines even underpaid conditions. The scheme was announced by Dr. VK Paul, chairman of the National Expert Committee on Vaccine Administration on Wednesday (09-06-21) and has said that the scheme will be in action from June 21st.

Spirit of Lok Kalyan

The health ministry has said, “To promote the spirit of Lok Kalyan, use of non-transferable electronic vouchers which can be redeemed at private vaccination centers will be encouraged. This would enable people to financially support vaccination of economically weaker sections at private vaccination centers,”

New pricing

The announcement has come soon as the center has announced new pricing for each vaccine. According to the center, a dose of Covishield would cost a maximum of ₹780, the same for Sputnik V and Covaxin have been set at ₹1,145 and 1,410 respectively. The new prices are inclusive of taxes including a ₹150 service charge.

Also, it is said that the free vaccination drive would cost the Centre an additional ₹15,000 crore apart from the initial allocation of ₹35,000.

The center had already announced that the government will take the main authority on the vaccination over India. And made it free for the majority of 75% and only 25% for private sectors.

What do you feel about the scheme from the government? Will this be helpful for the people?

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