Chennai transport services resume after 2 days public holiday issued by the state government due to ‘Nivar cyclone’

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The state and its capital is now retuning to normalcy after reopening of the public transport lately. The metro and airport resumed service as well.

the metro train services resumed in Chennai Thursday, with the directions given by the state government

One by one

The town busses resumed their service by Thursday and followed by the metro train and air service. The metro service restarted at 12 noon on Thursday while city’s airport resumed flight operations from 9 am.

This restart was declared only after the report of The India Meteorological Department (IMD) about the weakening of the storm as it passed through the coast. The report said,” severe cyclonic storm Nivar” had weakened into a “cyclonic storm” over north coastal Tamil Nadu, and later into a deep depression.

Also in twitter

The metro service also tweeted that In connection with Niver Cyclone, Metro Train Services will start by today (26.11.2020) 12.00 pm, will run with Holiday Train Services Time table with the headway of 10 mins. (sic),” Chennai Metro tweeted.

Least damage

With the Indian Meteorological department’s alert about the Nivar cyclone last week, the state government made every effort to make sure the Vardah storm was never recalled. And hence the state was least affected by the cyclone. And hence the government allowed the public transport services.

From the PM desk

The government has also issued funds to people who have lost poth life and property accordingly. Later the PM Narendra Modi has enquired about the state’s recovery post Nivar through phone call and has ensured in his tweet that the central government is ready to help the state in every means and will issue funds for those who have suffered losses during the cyclone situation.

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What do you feel about the restarting of public transport? Will the recovery be quick?

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