The female forest rangers of Coimbatore: A story of courage and bravery

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The female forest rangers of Coimbatore

Women power has emerged to a humongous new level where the world has witnessed their abilities in all most every field in our long history. Though physically women are not equal to men; a few women from Tamil Nadu have out proven this statement and have volunteered to guard the forest terrains of Coimbatore. Yes! They are the female forest rangers of Tamilnadu.

The female forest rangers of Coimbatore

  Passion over Profession

These women have surprised all of us as each of them are actually professional graduates who have left their previous works and have come here out of pure passion. When talking about them we came across a few rangers as well. Among them was K Dhevaki, of Bodinayakanur in Theni district who had given up her career as a lecturer has come here to work as a forest ranger. Along her was another ranger called Abisha kumari. An engineering graduate who has been working here for some time.

Man dominated work nature

The job of a forest ranger is so physically demanding that the rangers might want to walk in foot for miles inside the forest. And because of this, the job was predominantly advised for male candidates. But since 2019, the forest department of Coimbatore have started to appoint female staff for the job as well.

 Love for nature

While talking with one of the forest rangers about their experience as a female forest ranger; the answer was very interesting. She exclaimed that women have always loved a position in uniformed services so far. And now the forest ranger post has allowed them to work as well as enjoy their time with the nature they love so much.

Talking with these people it was a true shot of inspiration for all of us. Let’s respect their works.

What do you feel about female forest rangers? Will it be a positive change amongst tribal women?

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