Commuters under immense stress as TN e-Pass website crashes over web traffic

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With the government making it mandatory for everyone who seeks to move along Chennai and other parts of the state to avail of the e-Pass, the site going down made a total ruckus amongst the commuting community.

A nightmare

The high web traffic made the e-Pass registration for 1000’s a nightmare. As the necessity for the passes has been made mandatory, this kind of an issue has depressed the people and other commuters who regularly had the need for them.

The Tamilnadu government had earlier extended the total lockdown till June 14 and advised everyone who travels by cabs and autos must avail of an e-Pass. However, as the site crashed several users complained that they never received any OTP from the site making it hard for them to collect their passes.

Restarted this evening

When enquired, a senior official of the Tamil Nadu e-governance agency, which takes care of the e-registration process and the issuing of e-passes told that the site crashed due to the heavy inflow of traffic and that it would be restarted by the evening.

With the government issuing continuous lockdowns, the public feels that these e-services must be regularly maintained and reviewed for technical glitches as thousands depend on it.

What do you feel about the techinical difficulty over availing e-passes? Will the government make things better?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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