Covid lockdown hits farmers drastically; farmers destroy their own produce

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The COVID pandemic has been imposing heavy damage to every sector in the world. From Huge MNC’s to small scale industries, we have been dealing with a global depression. And in this list, the farmers were no exception.

Severe troubles

Farmers all over the world have been having severe troubles in making products meet the market. In terms of the Indian farmers, the situation is even worse, as most of the farmers have even thrown their own produce in garbage tanks and roads. Farmers feel that their investment is not met with the current market price and honestly no one to buy actually.

Market prices

The Government on the other hand has been imposing severe laws that totally break not only the prices but also the spirits of the farmers. The country was trying to support the farmers after a humongous protest in Delhi. However, eventually, it was also of no use.

The prices of the agriculture products have totally become juxtaposed as the retail price has hit the farmers right in their economy as the original price was much low. There are several other issues which on a whole have definitely made things much disastrous for the farming community from India.

PM Narendra Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi has been seen in many numerous videos and schemes to repair the damage, but nothing seems to be sufficient in making things straight.

The country has been under severe damage after the COVID pandemic and there has been things the government doing in all ways possible.

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What will the government reply to the issue?

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