Cyclone brewing in the Arabian sea. IMD issues warning to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka

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The Meterological department has pointed out a new cyclone brewing in the Arabian sea. Might hit the shores by May 16th, says IMD.

Cyclone in the Arabian sea

The IMD has forecasted a new cyclone brewing along the Arabian sea earlier which might hit the shores by May 16. The department has warned light to moderate rainfall over Lakshadweep, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala states. The states might expect rainfall from Thursday till May 16th.

Fishermen have been given notice that they should not enter the seas from Thursaday following huge tides and other calamities of the sea owing to the storm. The cyclone will be the 1st one of the year 2021 and will be named as Cyclone Tauktae, given by Myanmar.

Fishermen advised to return back to land at the earliest

An IMD press release said that “A low-pressure area is likely to form over the southeast Arabian Sea on the morning of May 14. It is likely to move north-northwestwards across this region adjoining Lakshadweep. It may intensify into a cyclonic storm around May 16,”

The sea areas are expected to go totally rough during the times of May 14th to 16th. The fishermen who already left the shore and also advised to return at the latest.

The IMD added as qually winds with speeds ranging between 40 to 50 km /hr gusting to 60 km/hr will lash Lakshadweep, Maldives areas Thursday onward. Coasts off Kerala, Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra would also experience similar gale wind till Sunday, the Met department has warned.

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The year has been testing since the 1st day and now the cyclone adds up to this situation.

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