Delhi and Hyderabad international airports getting prepared ahead to store the imported COVID vaccines

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The discovery of an efficient COVID vaccine has been one of the most anticipated news of the year till now. Almost a dozen national and international companies had competed in the race of finding the world’s first COVID vaccine which includes the Bharat biotech and serum institute of India. The companies have come to the final phase where they have sought emergency authorization for their vaccines in India.

Temperature-controlled cargo storage

The airports will be acting as the major temperature-controlled cargo storage center of the country. With the UK already begun registering their COVID vaccine to the residents; India is making tedious efforts to produce and distribute effective vaccines for the people.

At this juncture, the drug producers have expected emergency license for distribution of the vaccine in a couple of weeks.

The heat factor

The airports have been particularly chosen as they have sufficient cold dry storage facilities for receiving any cargo. And with vaccines, the heat factor cannot be a chance we wish to take. Also, the airports have been facilitated to store the cargo at a temperature as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

Pharmaceutical race

The companies like Bharat biotech, Pfizer, and US Pharma Company have sought the emergency license for now, for the mass production of the vaccine and proper distribution for the same case. 

Efficiency graph

The efficiency of these vaccines have been listed already as follows:

The vaccine created by the Serum institute in collaboration with Oxford, ‘Covishield’ has registered 90 percent efficiency.

The Pfizer jab has been developed in collaboration with German biotechnology firm BioNTech. It has efficiency rate of 95 per cent. The vaccine has been rolled out in the United Kingdom.

And finally the efficacy of the Covaxin has been not yet declared so far.

From the PM’s desk

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said at an all-party meeting that the national vaccination drive would begin once experts cleared the Covid vaccine candidates. “Experts expect the vaccine will be ready in the next few weeks,” he said.

India has reported over 97 lakh Covid cases so far with 3.83 lakh active cases and 1.41 lakh deaths.

1 crore vaccines initially

And now the government has declared that the vaccine will be registered to 1 crore sanitation workers as a start initially and then will be regulated to the civilians as the next stage.

Will the destruction by COVID end? What will be the response of the vaccine in India?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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