Delhi’s rich set home ICU’s acquiring highly specialized equipment at their personal disposal

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The rich of the country’s capital have been seen buying highly specialized hospital equipments back home at their personal disposal for treating their close ones.

Second wave matters

The state of Delhi is heavily looted of both life and property following the second wave of COVID. People are suffering a great deal as the number of beds and other medical essentials is running short. And at this juncture, the rich people of Delhi have managed to buy the hospital requirements at their own disposal.

This news has surfaced with a few medical institutions that have seen supporting the posh class of the state with higher medical; facilities while the common man is totally going through absolute turmoil finding beds and oxygen cylinders over the past few weeks.

Hike in the sale of medical equipment

The sale of ventilators and home ICU services have seen a huge spike in Delhi amid the pandemic. This special offer has been also maintained over the oxygen cylinders too, as per reports.

While asking on the byers of ICU’s he said,”Why should I wait for something to happen? The way COVID is spreading, my family or I may get it sooner or later,” he said. “This is why we earn money, to save ourselves and our family. I don’t want to run here and there once we get exposed to the virus.”

Health workers dilemma

Health workers find it difficult over this matter as a dilemma is created which side should get the maximum priority. Some people have even appointed medical practitioners for their personal help as per some reports.

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The government must look into the matter, as this trend is highly susceptible to boost black market usage.

What do you feel about the new trend amongst the aflluent classes? Will this make things hard for the laymen people?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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