Didi becomes the queen of Bengal once again after cruising a clean sweep

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Mamata Banerjee is almost an idol for glory in Bengal after her win in Bengal once again despite of the shortcomings that came in her way. She won the elections convincingly over a great margin also a clean sweep in Bengal.

A testimony to the country

An injured leg, the major exodus of TMC leaders, taunting strategies from the BJP or whatever it might be, Mamata has proved once again who is the real deal in Bengal consecutively. Mamata Banerjee has always gifted with numerous hardships along her way as CM and this election was another testimony for that. She was subjected to strong criticism when she had ties along with the congress as calling her to support family drama.

Personal integrity

Though all these incidents were never personal, this year was something different for her as Mamata’s personal integrity was at stake. This was a big blow to her as she was chosen as the most honest politician of India in May 2013.

An injured tigress

Just before the 8th stage elections were underway, Mamata’s family members were assaulted when the CBI took it for the coal smuggling case. This added more pressure to her cause as another addition to her crisis. And at this juncture, she got herself assaulted and got a leg injury, and was hospitalized for a while. However, this never stopped Didi, as she told strongly that,” an injured tigress is more dangerous”

Facing criticism from almost everywhere including her own party, Mamata has come out victorious symbolizing the real faith of the Bengal people ending with a note ‘Khela over!’

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What do you feel about the victory of Didi over bengal? What will be her new tactics this time as CM.

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