Discrimination issue escalates as Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj gets insulting comments from the Australian pavilion

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The Indian Captain Virat Kohli has come up to say that comments like these are ‘unacceptable’ and should be followed by stringent actions.

Racist comments

The Indian Cricket team have toured Australia on a match fixture involving ODI’s, T20’s and test matches. Winning the T20 title, the Indian team lost the ODI series on a narrow window. And as of now, the team is playing the 3rd test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground winning a test match on each side. In spite of the allegations made by the Australian Cricket board on the violations of COVID protocols by a few Indian players, everything went seamlessly until the Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj was hurled by discriminative ‘racist’ comments by the spectators at the  SCG.

Back on grease

Siraj was called as ‘Brown dog’ and ‘Big monkey’ by those men and soon did he report this on Saturday playing the first innings against the Aussies to the umpires. But later to a shock, the same issue found itself ‘back on grease’ when he was targeted once again and was commented on the following day as well.

Brown dog?

Under conditions of anonymity, a BCCI source reported to the PTI, that,” Siraj was referred to as ‘brown dog’ and ‘big monkey’ both of which are racist slurs. The matter was immediately brought to the notice of on-field umpires. They (the spectators) were constantly abusing Bumrah, too,”

Siraj took this issue to the umpire’s notice on the 86th over, when he came from the deep spot he was positioned to the square umpire where his teammates joined soon.

Spectators evicted

The play was halted for around 10 minutes until the New South Wales police evicted those spectators on grounds of CCTV footage evidence. The 6 spectators are currently in the custody of the New South Wales police department.

Earlier, the BCCI reported that the same issue took place; when the players approached the match referees on the matter.


The Australian Cricket Board had sincerely apologized for the issue and has also promised that strict actions will be taken against the mischief-mongers. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, tweeted,” Racial abuse is absolutely unacceptable. Having gone through many incidents of really pathetic things said on the boundary Iines, this is the absolute peak of rowdy behavior,”

Also, “The incident needs to be looked at with absolute urgency and seriousness and strict action against the offenders should set things straight for once,” he tweeted.

Monkey gate of 2007-08

The BCCI has booked several investigation probes and has also approached the ICI, over the issue and has asked them to look directly into the issue as it also recalled the ‘Monkey gate’ episode of 2007-08 where India toured Australia.

Earlier, the Australian government gave out a blunt statement, asking the guests not to come, if they can’t abide by the rules. And currently, things have taken a roundabout.

What do you feel about these racial comments on sports arenas? Will there be any proper safety for the player’s ethics?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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