DMK and Congress will insult many women says Modi on his election campaign in Tamil Nadu

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Modi visits Tamil Nadu

The 2021 assembly elections are around the corner and the election campaigns have escalated to a higher level. At this juncture; prime minister Narendra Modi has visited Tamil Nadu supporting the BJP and AIADMK candidates.

Ill adressing of women

In his campaign speech, prime minister Narendra Modi accused the DMK and its accolades over the ill addressing of women. He also observed the comment made by Rasa of DMK about the mother of the CM of Tamil Nadu.

Modi recalled the 2G scam of DMK where the Congress too played an important role in it. The PM also said as,”The DMK and the Congress have insulted the mother of Tamil Nadu’s chief minister. God forbid if they come to power they will insult many more women of Tamil Nadu,”.

Modi’s speech was centered on the empowering of women as it was a piece of cake that the opposition stuck themselves in the issue. He blamed that it was in the culture of the opposition parties to insult to women.

Rasa apologized

Amongst the tensions rising over the comments of subjectifying women, Rasa apologized earlier for his comments about the mother of the CM. He explained that the words he meant were never to hurt the personal lives of the candidates; rather about the social life of them, he said.

What do you feel about the visit of Modi to TN? will it affect the nature of vote banks in Tamil Nadu?

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