Drama over political parties in Tamil Nadu has come to a halt after half a century

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The political drama in Tamil Nadu has been inevitable over the past 50 years and currently, the culture is set to fade away with the present generation of politicians.

50 year old political drama

The Tamil Nadu assembly elections which took place a few weeks back came out positive for the DMK removing AIADMK from the ruling side. Things took a total twist when the immediate past CM EPS greeted the freshly elected CM of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin. This gesture not only gained respect for the leaders but also halted the 50-year-old political drama between the duo parties since their initiation.

The situation has not been the same in the other states of the country. In Karnataka, the politicians share a much respected friendship apart from their political competition. And in Tamil Nadu this was not the same as the legendary cinematic trio ( Karunanithi, MGR and J Jayalalitha) had their own issues. Though the trio were a team on screen, the same relations never lasted in their personal concerns.

Ego matters between the parties

Karunanithi being the leader of the DMK was a pious politician and the opposition party leader when MGR and Jayalalitha were ruling the state. This issue came up when there arose ego issues within the party of DMK where MGR was a former member of it but later started his own party over the difference in opinions. Jayalalitha who was a co-star and a close aide to MGR build the basic foundations for the current political giant.

Their difference in opinion has however made the parties the only dominators of the state for almost half a century. With the supporters of both parties evolving based on similar ideas.

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Greeted eachother

All these ego and cinematic dramas came to a period when the immediate past CM EPS greeted MK Stalin over his victory over the assembly elections. And this gesture has been a total respect gainer for both the leaders as once this relation was not even imaginable.

Following this, the current CM Stalin invited EPS for creating a constructive and democratic society for the state. And earlier EPS was selected as the opposition party leader after a total drag of meetings.

What do you feel about the relations between the duo? Will the state florish on the teamed effort of the parties?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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