Edapadi K Palani Swamy declared as the official CM candidate for the upcoming elections; Keeps quiet about the pact with BJP

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There have been numerous issues and cracks that have been surfaced with the alliance matters between BJP and AIADMK and this issue has also found its tail with the declaration of the Chief Minister candidate for the upcoming elections.

Huge dilemma

The BJP and the AIADMK have been subjected to a variety of criticism and other internal issues on forming common grounds for the past one year. And this internal crisis had created a huge dilemma that had cost in so many confusions on declaring the CM candidate of Tamil Nadu. This ruckus also resulted in the arrival of Union Minister Amit Shah to Chennai recently.

General council on January 9th

The AIADMK had its general council meeting on the 9th of January under the authority of party coordinator and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) and joint coordinator and Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami (EPS) to decide on alliances and election strategies.

The party finally greed that EPS shall continue to be the CM candidate for the following elections as well, in spite of the pacts that were signed between both the parties. BJP initially informed that both the parties will discuss together regarding the CM candidate and right now the declaration of EPS as the CM candidate might escalate tensions between both the parties.

The return of Sasikala

Taking in accord that the party’s general secretary Sasikala, who is set to be released soon after her prison term this January, her arrival might create further confusion amongst the leadership of AIADMK; as EPS was made the CM by Sasikala before her leaving.

Victory alliance?

The center has remained silent till now regarding these dilemmas between the party and the CM candidate dispute. But currently, this issue might get to extreme conditions that might even result in the breaking up of the victory alliance

What do you feel about the current issues rising amongst BJP and AIADMK? Will something happen that can topple the course of the Tamil Nadu elections 2021?

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