EPS-OPS feud reached saturation point. EPS supporters demand 50 shares in the election tickets

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Do critics believe that OPS is working towards a long-term reclamation of power over the AIADMK where there will be no EPS?

History so far

For the past 5 years, the AIADMK has been functioning under the leadership of the duo EPS and OPS on a mutual agreement to stabilize the rule after the demise of the past CM Jayalalitha. Later after disputes arising between OPS and Sasikala over the CM position, OPS stepped down from his position, and there came the opportunity for EPS to claim the rule under the guidance of Sasikala.

Property disproportionate case

Later with Sasikala getting jailed over the property disproportionate case, there was serious instability over the party and the two teams teamed up to provide stability from the rule getting dissolved.

And now with the assembly elections at the tail end, the disputes over the upper hand have magnified, as OPS and his supporters have asked for a 50 % equal share of election tickets to EPS. This effort to gain the upper hand has been keen from both sides of EPS and OPS for a long time.

Gaining supremacy

Over the past few months, OPS has been constantly trying to get more supremacy over the party in the long term and has done enough effort to make it true as well slowly.

And currently, the OPS and his team had asked for an equal share of election tickets earlier on 7th March.

Majority of MLA’s

One of the major advantages OPS has over the party is the majority on his side which can be crucial for establishing the rule and it is the same majority that EPS acquired when both the sides settled earlier.  And now if his demands are not met, this might mark a deadlock which might dissolve the party itself; fears the supporters.

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What will be the future of AIADMK if this internal crisis pertains? What will EPS do?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in discussion.

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