Experience comes first hand: Biden to fill the seats of the white house with experienced hands

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The ongoing US president Donald Trump, has been a pinnacle for controversies and instabilities over high reign of presidency. With young inexperienced people under his nose, the president has his own share of pros and cons. Now his successor, Joe biden who is all set to acquire power, has said that the Biden administration will be managed by experienced people.


The presidency of Donald Trump has been constantly quoted unpredictable and immature with his impulsive decision making methods. But now here with Biden, he focusses on stability and creating better relations with the neighbours; especially with India.

A return ticket to many policies

Biden also in his first day after the results said he will walk once again towards a few policies and pacts which withdrawn by the Trump authority. Some of that includes the Paris Climate accord.

 He also plans to return the US into the Iran deal and before that, re-join the WHO. As for the attempted peace agreement and denuclearisation of North Korea, Biden has said he will negotiate in an expanded forum that will include China among others.

Trump facing regular short comings

With the current election results, it is clear that Trump must leave his seat of presidency. But yet he was seen active in social media quoting about controversies in counting the votes over certain areas of the country. He even accused Biden responsible for various forgery violations and approached the court where the cases were dissolved by the justice.

What will be Biden’s plan of action as he acquires the seat? Will India has its pros and cons?

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