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Eye Exercises to Strength Eye Muscles

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Eye Exercises to Strength Eye Muscles

1- Blink for a minute – blink your eyes for a minute, it helps to regulate blood circulation inside your eyes.

It has 3 functions –

– Grease your eyes.

– Clean them

– Give them a break from light.

This Exercise prevents the eye from dryness and inflammation

2- Rotate your head while staring ahead, this help to increase blood circulation in your eyes. Move your head Up- Down, Left – Right keep looking straight.

3- Look left and right slowly. Relax for some time by closing your eyes and think about pleasure moments.

4- Move your gaze in different directions.

5- Tightly Close & Relax – this is very good for relaxation

6- Draw geometrical figures using your eye gaze like triangle, square, circle.

7 – Focusing on a stable object

8 – Focusing on moving object

9- Relaxation by putting rubbed hands on your eyes.

10-Relaxation Massage on eyes using hands.

Eye Exercises helps Strength your Vision

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