Facebook accepts the ultimatum of the Indian government just hours before the deadline

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The Facebook had accepted the demands from the Indian government on new policies as the government declared ban under negligence.

Privacy became a total cliffhanger

The dialogue between the social media giant Facebook and the Indian government has been going on for a while since the companies new privacy policies surfaced a few months earlier. The policies looked to have key areas where privacy became a cliffhanger, as many people globally showed regret to the rules.

Facebook earlier had various negotiations with the governement over the affair, and elucidated that the new policies are totally harmless as they aim only to serve the public dexterously and diversely antithetically. The company also added that,”Facebook remains committed to people’s ability to freely and safely express themselves on our platform,” in a statement.

Loss of immunity of legal prosection under any violation of policies

The government of India had earlier said that they could lose protection accorded to them under Section 79 of the Information Technology Act, which gives social media intermediaries immunity from legal prosecution for content posted on their platforms if each platform violated the privacy rights of the users. Several other edicts were also declared by February this year which gives total authority for the government to trace out phonies and other controversies in the platform.

Potential ban

This news has escalated till now to a point where the Indian government declared a potential ban and gave a frantic chance to accept the regulation of the government. And the company accepted the regulations only at the last hours before the deadline.

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Facebook said that it is “aiming to comply” with the government’s new rules intended to regulate online content and will work towards creating more safety over the privacy of the public.

What do you feel about the privacy protocols of the government? Will this be a new era of cyber safety?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussio.

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