6 Types Brushes And Their Uses – PART 1

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It’s mostly an absolute nightmare for many girls out there, when it comes to professional usage of brushes instigating so many questions like

1.      Do I really need to own all these brushes?

2.      Would I really use them all? 

3.      How many brushes are there in total? How many brushes to the minimum brushes should I own?

4.      Which brush is used for what?

5.      What are the  brushes for a basic makeup yet a non compromising makeover?

Have any of these questions never clouded your mind?

Worry not, today we’ll clarify those reveries!

The factor depends on two things : 

Price Range & Usage. 

It’s an absolute failure when you spend so much of money and you end up not just using it because 

– May be you didn’t find a chance to use it or

– May be you don’t know how to use it

And today, we’re going to see the basic set of brushes for personal use and glimpse of what and how it varies in a professional set.

Let’s Pitch In !!!

So coming to the Important set of Brushes you gotta own, today let’s focus on what’s important for the Eyes first ! And we’ll get to know on various other brushes in the next articles!

Makeover has NO RULES !! You can always use rules according to your convenience! But, what matters the most is the TECHNIQUE behind and what & how you do. 

WITH THE RIGHT TECHNIQUE, YOU CAN ALWAYS BRING IN YOUR OWN ART, BECAUSE MAKEUP IS AN ART, just that we always want other to admire our art!!!!

You can always start with your Base Makeup first and eyes next or the eyes first and the base next, absolute no worries, and that’s why I said Makeup has no rules… 


If you are beginner or 

If your eyeshadow pallete has a lot of fallouts or 

If you’re even doing your Red Carpet Black Smokey Eyes, then, 

it is always advisable to do your eyes first!

Pre-Requisites :

1.      Cleanse up your face

2.      Tone it up

3.      Apply a moisturizer

4.      Now, start with eyebrows

6 Types Brushes And Their Uses


What would really suffice you is an Angular Brush (This can also be used or called as Brow Filler Brush),

6 Types Brushes And Their Uses

There’s this new trend for the eyebrows called this Spooly, which is just like a Mascara Wand.


Some brands have started bringing this as a Duo Brush which has Spooly on one end and angular on other, while some other brands still give it as two different brushes. 


There had also been some which comes as a small comb on the left and has fine bristles on the right., which is getting out of trend nowadays. 


The choice is always yours! 

Tip : There’s a smaller brush which is a little small in it’s width, which is actually called as Brow Filler, but you can use the same Angular Brush using it’s tip to fill in the brows in hair like strokes with a Pomade., not really an other brush is required. 

And for the Spooly to give a gentle stroke over the natural hair, you can even use your freshly maintained old Mascara wand. 


These Brushes are the MUA’s favourite. This is the very first brush you would use when you kickstart the eye makeup. Have you ever heard the term, “The Transition Colour”, if you had, then this is the buddy for your help!! This is the first colour you start over the crease to give you a natural, neat, finished look at the end !!

Tip : For your note, Transition colours are always light colours and NOT THE Darkest! example, Pink or Light Rosie, Soft Orange, Nude Brown, Aqua Blue, etc., 

This brush is loosely packed strands and the intensity of the colour depends on where you hold, more closer you hold, the most is the intensity! 


There are really 3 variants on this, according to the size of the brushes, which inturn is according to the size of the eyelids or that can be stated as the space between your lashes and the crease line. 


For your info, the Crease Line is the natural half moon curve when you close or the bulge end of the eyeball beneath the browbone. 

To start off, 

Bigger Blending Brush for Bigger Eyes

Medium Blending Brush for Medium Eyes

Smaller Blending Brush for Smaller Eyes

But then,  for most of the time you would be using only the Medium and the Smaller brushes, for the colors which you imprinted from your pallete onto your eyes and just for blending it well. Hence then it can also be known as Eyeshadow Blend,ling Brush. 


There’s also this, which is not so loosely packed, not too tight either, has a pointed tip or a small dome shaped, used to blend off the dark shades or to even add more intensity. If you got this, and got the technique right, you can skip the next brush or just vice versa! Perfect for the Smudged Wing Liner Look! 



The bristles of this brush is so tightly packed and is required when you want to create an intensity at the corner of your eyes or to create that perfect V shaped wing or to blend the borders of the two variant colours. Now think, which is better – Is it the Pointed Blending Brush or a Pencil Brush? 

This can also be referenced as a liner brush, just that has densest strands to give that perfect Smudged Liner Look! 


This is great especially if you’re thinking to make a sharp Cut-Crease Eye.

This brush is usually suppressed square in shape and the bristles are tightly packed.

This can also be called as Flat Blending Brush, but I like calling it the Cut Crease Brush. 

If you’re not planning in for Cut Crease Eyes, then this is purely Optional. 


The smaller version of this Eyelid Applicator brush or a little larger & flattened version of the pencil brush called as the Eyeshadow Brush, or the usual call Tapered Brush (small and medium) and can be used for application of Cream Eyeshadow/ Glue/ Glitter/ Pigments. 


Liner Brush is usually the thinnest layer brush (just like a regular liquid eyeliner wand), used to apply Gel Liner, if you want the thinner one. 


If you’re using for yourself, you can just have one or even skip! 

Pro Tip & Hygiene Measure:

Always remember when you’re using anything for your Brides or your Clients or anyone else apart from you, when you use the brush once,

1.      Do not dip in back into the product! NEVER !!!

2.      Use Disposable wands for both the Mascara and the eyelashes, which are so economically available in the market (be it the spooly or for the Mascara, technically all are the same)!!! 

3.      Swatch the eyeshadow in a dry tissue and use it (or) once you use the pallete, sweep off the top layer. Yea, we know a little product is going wasted! But Never Compromise Your Hygiene Over this for sure!!

So, Ladies !!! Now you know what really you need in a essential brush kit for eyes, is it not?!!!

Stay Tuned for next content on Face Brush Series,

Until then, Keep glowing from within!

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