What are the two types of Concealer Application? Who should do what?

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Hello Everyone! I’m sure who’s reading this article is surely passionate about Makeover, sooner or later want to see themselves as an Makeup Artist.There are two types of Concealer Application.

Concealer Application

Concealer applications are truly like a fairy’s magic wand which itself is magic! You can use it over, use it beneath or even use it alone, or even skip! It lets you do everything!!! 
Alright, Have you ever come across various other makeup artists, some who do the concealing first, and others who do the foundation first and then use the concealer…?? Today we are here to clear this massive confusion…
Part I: Who should use the ‘Concealer Application first’?

If you are on the medium to dusky tone, or if you have -Dark circles-Pigmentation -Pimple Marks-Bluish Nerves-Blemishes-Darkened Acne Spotsthen this is your Go-Pro step!! Even out your skin using a Corrector (Orange for anything that shades light brown to deep black, Green for the newly popping up red pimples) on the problematic areas and then conceal it over.. Very much to be remembered,,, The concealer used in this step SHOULD EXACTLY MATCH YOUR SKINTONE!!! Strictly, No lighter shades !!!! 

Concealer Application.

Why no lighter shades? It causes greying! 
Why Greying occurs? As we all know, in colors, grey is obtained white and black when mixed together. The same applies to the makeup deets too.. When our skintone is darker and we use a lighter shade,  it mixes up together resulting up in a intermediate color, which in our case shows us more darker! 
And you know what? You can use only the Concealer as a base itself, and you can just skip the foundation, incase if it’s just your Quick Makeup Look or an Office look, or anything for that matter!!! 
Okay let’s move

Part II :Who should be using the ‘Concealer Application later’?

Generally, if you are from medium to fair skintone or even if on wheatish tone and if you have a great skin without undereye patches or pimples or blemishes, you can opt this step blind, by using the foundation prior !!!
If I have a great clear skin, should I still opt for a Concealer?

Hey, it’s entirely your choice. You can always rely on Only-Foundation, blend it up well, add on some cheek tint and a highlighter (based on your go-fave product) and you’re set to go!! 
Where should I use the Concealer after foundation?

 If you want that extra pop of your eye makeup or your nose or the T-zone., you can still proceed for this step. This lits up your undereyes and your T Zone, giving you a nice enhanced brightened up look! And this is Professional’s secret!! 
What shade of Concealer should I go if I use it over Foundation? 

Having blended the face already with the foundation, if you’re using concealer in this step you can always opt for 2 to 3 shades lighter by maximum. 
And to a final conclusion, If you use a corrector, you need to conceal it over, Yes!!But not everyone individual really require a Concealer !!You can always use your concealer for a higher coverage or to pay-that-extra-attention-to-your-facial-features!! 
Hey Do You Know!???

 Are concealers used only for the so called undereyes, pigmentation, blemishes and acne marks or to highlight those T zones? 
Have you ever wondered how is that perfect Halfcut crease or the Fullcut crease eye are so adorable!!!?? 
If you wonder who does this job, it’s not the makeup artist, but this buddy, Our Concealer takes the pride ! Stay Tuned for More., Keep guessing! 
Until then, Keep glowing from within!

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