Corporate Look or Office Look – DON’Ts and DO’s

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Corporate Look

Makeup is onto our everyday regime especially for Corporate Professionals.. – Whats the right ideology behind the Corporate Look!! – How could we just pamper ourselves too despite welcoming all these prods on your skin !?? 
And hence, what could you do, and what could not? 
Here’s the list!! 


Use Eyeshades for a Corporate look in a way, that it shows up but just that, ‘it’s hard to find’– No Glitters / No Creamy Shades / No shimmers- Don’t use Pinks / Vibrant colors like Oranges, Blues, greens, etc **Save your pinks for your parties**

Use Earthy Shades / Light Brown / Wine Brown /Deep or Chocolate brown – Literally don’t use pink, but use something in a very mildest shade of pink!


Mascaras are eye openers, which change the game. Even if you’re drowsy or sleepy, adding up on a little mascara opens your eyes well and you can really feel the difference. – So, when it comes to your everyday makeup look, Don’t use ‘waterproof’ Mascara ‘daily’ !
– Though your makeup has to stay for 7 to 8 hours, waterproof mascaras hold onto your lashes even after you reach back home after a tiring day and removing your makeup – Doing this regularly would induce in fall of eyelashes. Hence it’s better to go for non waterproof Mascaras

Kajal and Eyeliner 

Strictly prohibited for winged or thick eyeliners or smudging Kajal. -Prefer to use a darker brown shade, for both like a liner and smoke out under the waterline, which looks natural and yet does the job!!  Lipsticks -No glossy lips-Go for matte shades in the pinks that suits your ‘earthy eye tones’ **Lip pencils even does the goals! **


Go for No Blush or Very Very Minimal Blush! I repeat, it’s very very minimal!! **Just give a tint, that’s all good to go! **


 You can opt for liquid highlighter which gives you a sheen look only to enhance your skin glow!  **Highlight your face, but lit it very light! **


Better not to skip the contour which helps you in sculpting your face**Contours are contemporary **


Opt for mild foundation like Maybelline Superstay or Lorial Truematch or even your bb or cc creams if you’re practised to using it. -The foundation should not be exactly your skin like and not something that outstands or let’s the other people know that you’re wearing a Makeup! **Again, it should be visible, but not absolute *

Makeup Fixer 

Don’t go for fixers that has alcohol in it, for regular use. Though it has a refreshing set for that particular time, in a long run, it tends to cause a lot of damage to your skin. -There are even good drugstore fixers which has some natural ingredients and also we’ll suited for regular use, yet affordable! **Choose something that comes with Vit E or aloevera*

Fixing Powders Prefer Compact powders over loose powders
On an overall_Corporate look should be a matte look and not a dewy/glossy look!!! 

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