Fire breaks down in the Serum Institute lately; no damage to Covishield says CM

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The Serum Institute met with heavy fires yesterday were 10 fire engines strived to put down the fire. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray. 5 dead and many admitted to the hospital.

Loss of 1000 crores

While answering the press, CEO Adar Poonawalla said on Friday (January 22) that no Covishield and related stuff were damaged on the fire.  While the company did lose other property worth ₹1,000 crores. Also, there have been 5 dead people and a few others who were injured and are admitted to the hospital.

The CM Uddhav Thackery said that the issue will be properly investigated by an investigation probe and will find the reason for the tragedy he said.

Fire in the storage unit

Poonawala also mentioned that the fire impacted the Rotavirus and BCG vaccines’ manufacturing and storage units. Also, those people who died were of the five contractual welding and air-conditioning department.

A compensation of 25 lakhs for each dead victim

He also added that there the fire was from the additional storage units which were recently built and hence there was no damage to medicinal goods. Along with this, the serum institute has promised a sum of 25 lakhs per person who lost his life in the fire as compensation along with the amount to be issued according to the norms by the government.

The Serum Institute is one of the largest producers of pharmaceuticals in India as well as the world and hence the fire has caused a little tension for everyone associated with the firm.

The Indian Government can just give a sigh of relief now as the Covishield were not affected by the incident.

What do you feel about the fire incident? Were there were any issues along with the issue?

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