Flower prices in Tamilnadu hike over rains damaging crops

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Over the recent rains in Coimbatore, flower prices have hiked heavy. Flower merchants suffer losses, as crops are destroyed.

Full price hike

Flower merchants from Coimbatore went on full price hike after the crops were destroyed from rains regionally. With the Ayudha pooja festivities around the day, the flower merchants had full scale sale at higher costs.

Rain check on buying flowers

Flower vendors who sell at retail prices have also felt a burden of high cost as the buyers look for wholesale costs at high times. A few customers felt that the prices were too much and are really making them rain check on buying flowers for at least the next season.

Garland prices have also hiked and each piece has risen 50%. Under this circumstances, the matter has to be dealt with seriousness and the municipal could do some adjustments to allow a consumer, retailer balance at the best.

What do you feel about the matters rising over the flower prices? Will there be a better solution for the issue?

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