Former Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s killers are expected to walk out of prison soon, Governor to decide over the matter in 3-4 days

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Former Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi who was assassinated on 21 May 1991 on Sriperumbudur and 7 people were declared guilty over the issue and have spent their life since then in prison.

7 suspects of life and death

Former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in a public gathering in Tamil Nadu 29 years ago and 7 people were declared guilty of the assault. The 7 included a then juvenile and female accused. These people have spent all their in prison since then.

Rising questions on release

And currently after spending such a severe punishment for all these years, the public and media have started rising questions about the possibilities of their release. These accused people during their time since then, have showcased high level of discipline and other own interests which have gained accolades of respect for them.

The Perarivalan Saga

Among them Perarivalan 49, who was arrested as a juvenile has been a keen point of focus as his mother have constantly approached the court on account of his good disciplines for a release shortly.

The petition of Perarivalan’s mother was shifted to various courts and various judges and has finally reached the Supreme Court of India. And now, the Central have said a sudden statement that the release of the Perarivalan. According to the statement issued, the Governor of Tamil Nadu Banwarilal Purohit to decide on the matter and come up with a potential solution in 3 – 4 days.

The Governor’s note is highly expected on the matter as the whole nation awaits on his decision.

What do you feel about the release of Perarivalan? Will there be any good news?

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