Free bus services for women in regular fee buses. Tamil Nadu women rejoice!

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Bus transport in Tamil Nadu for women has been made free. The government will take up the loss of revenue due to this and will subsidise the money to the Department of public transport.

5 new schemes

The new CM as said in his election manifesto declared 5 newer schemes for the people yesterday. Following his order, the bus transport for women in regular fee buses has been made totally free. The public is completely happy with the scheme and has been giving positive comments all over the state today.

The buses in Coimbatore have a new sticker mentioning free for women and the 447 urban buses are running free for women. This scheme is in action in Tamil Nadu following one of the neighboring states. The government has also mentioned that the loss in revenue because of the scheme will be subsidized under the CM’s supervision directly.

Coimbatore public transport

Following Coimbatore, Madurai public transport has also begun giving free rides for women. While asking about the feedback, the women have totally welcomed the scheme.

The free rides will be provided in the urban bus routes in the state over the regular fee buses as per regulations. Along with this, the price over milk will also be reduced over as a point of the manifesto promised by the current CM of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin.

What do you feel about the current scheme over free bus rides? Will this be a total game changer?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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