Hopefully my last game will be at Chennai amidst fans; says Dhoni in a press conference

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Following various speculations rising about the retirement about the star cricketer, Dhoni has recently commented that his final game will be among the fans in Chennai playing for the Chennai franchise. This statement as become a new ray of hope for the fans.

Among the fans

The former Indian captain and current CSK skipper Dhoni has been regularly questioned and debated over his final game and retirement over the last couple of years. And recently, the star cricketer has said that his last game in IPL will be in Chennai, among the fans. Following this, the CSK franchise has said an official statement that Dhoni will continue his place for the CSK next year as well.

Reason for declaring his announcement from international cricket suddenly

Dhoni announced this while he was live along with Deepak Chahar, Imran Tahir, and Shardul Thakur on CSK’s official YouTube channel, interacting with fans. This happened after a fan questioned Dhoni asking the reason for declaring his announcement from international cricket suddenly, as they could not bid him well.

You will still get that opportunity to bid me farewell.

Following this, Dhoni replied as, “It can’t be a better day than that: August 15. When it comes to the farewell, you can always come and see me play for CSK and that can be my farewell game. You will still get that opportunity to bid me farewell. Hopefully we’ll come to Chennai and will play my last game over there and I can meet all my fans,”

Into the playoffs this year for the 11th time

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Though he has been suffering from poor form and strike rate since last year, Dhoni led the team into the playoffs this year for the 11th time. With a very bad table position last year, CSK has been the first team to enter the playoffs this year.

The fans feel that Dhoni’s presence is enough as it gives them some hope and inspiration despite his form or batting styles.

What do you feel about the comment from Dhoni? Will he give us the treat we are waiting for a long time?

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