Hot & Spicy Wheat Samosa

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Missing Samosa!
Don’t worry we can make it at home!
The Hot and Spicy Samosa with healthy Touch!
Here is the recipe for Wheat Samosa.

Ingredients for Wheat Samosa:

Wheat Samosa

Wheat flour- 1 & 1/2cup
Big size boiled potato- 2
Onion- 2
Tomato- 1
Ginger- 4-5 cloves
Garlic- small piece
Cumin seed- 1/4 spoon
Fennel- 1/4 spoon
Green chilli- 2
Water- required amount
Oil – for fry
Required amount spices:
Red chilli Powder
Coriander powder
Garam masala

Steps for Potato masala:

1.Take a pan, heat the oil and put onion, fry it

2.then put grinded mixture, tomato, green chilli

3.Add redchilli powder, salt, garam masala, coriander powder

4. Add mashed potatoes and mix well, check spices

Steps for Wheat Samosa:

1.Make a dough(rest for 2hrs) and roll

2.Cut into 2 pieces

3.Apply water in edges and fold like a cone

4.Put potato masala into come and cover the cone

5.Fry in medium flame

Don’t miss the romance with Samosa!..

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