How World is Living with Pandemic

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COVID-19 – History

It was the December 2019; the world was attacked by a great threat. It was no missile, not a nuclear war head or even an alien invasion. It was a virus. Smaller than our bacteria and yet stronger than obviously everything we have with us in this planet. It was the Corona virus which was later renamed as COVID-19 by the WHO.


Initially found over the Wuhan district of China, the Corona virus or Covid-19 has spread to over 13.3 million people and still alarmingly increasing every day with more than 580 thousand casualties. The doctors and sanitation workers are having a hard time managing patients and maintaining sanitation of the cities to prevent further spread of the virus. And the saddest truth about Covid-19 is that, we don’t have a medicine to cure the disease so far.

Druggists and doctors all over the world are trying their best to produce a vaccine to put an end to this massacre. Covid-19 has not only affected humans through fatality but also through economy, livelihood and even food shortage. As the only preventive measure is to practise social and physical distancing, the Governments all over the world had to declare Lockdowns and Quarantine people to end this tragedy.  But as a negative effect, as people were sitting home, the greatest economies of the world crumbled.

Life in quarantine is not pleasant. Education of students has been affected severely and the condition of livelihood of poor people has gone even worse than before.  Living inside four walls perplexed about this unprecedented issue is not that welcoming. The lockdowns which were in effect for around many months is now being relaxed and unfortunately the intensity of the virus has only increased.  Sometimes even the thought of meeting loved ones some kilometres away becomes a nightmare.

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No proper food production and availability, the burden of sitting simply and also the pain of feeling isolated have also leaded to some very painful suicides. And yet the question that when will all this ends Remains unanswered. The only way we could overcome this is by changing our lifestyle. Explore yourselves. Spend time over family, face time people and send them hope that someday everything will be alright. And more importantly stay strong from within.

Don’t allow negative thoughts linger in your minds; because, we need each other to celebrate when this ends. Let’s salute all those noble souls who are working day and night in hospitals and streets trying to keep us safe. And those who are reading this article; let’s pray for those souls fighting this virus and those souls who have left us.  And once again remind yourself to

Stay home and stay safe!

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