IIT- Madras joins the controversies over caste issues as Asst professor’s resignation letter goes viral

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Economics faculty Vipin Veetil sent shock waves across the internet with his resignation letter from IIT-Madras stating a ‘Caste discrimination matter. The professor also has said that he will meet the matter legally.

Tag of Caste discrimination

The Indian Institute of Technology – Madras is one of the leading educational bodies in the country for many decades and is now facing a severe crisis situation as one of its faculty members have typed in their resignation letter under the tag of Caste discrimination, stating numerous instances where he was victimized by his superiors.

Vipin Veetil is a staff member from the department of economics in the IIT- Madras campus since 2019, and according to his allegations, he has faced several episodes of similar troubles. And has said that he will be taking ‘appropriate actions’ against the matter.

Bayesian approach

Vipin quoted that, “There were multiple specific instances of discrimination and I shall be pursuing appropriate actions to address the matter. One of the curious phenomena I’ve observed at the institute is that the Bayesian prior among many is that caste discrimination is a rare occurrence. My own experience and conversations with members of SC and OBC communities suggest that the Bayesian prior is far from true,” he added. “Societies progress one small step at a time, or do they?”

Always been a sector for conspiracies

Vipin unfortunately is not the only person who has faced such issues in the IIT-M campus. Also, the IIT’s have always been a sector for conspiracies and other societal flaws where students practised various ill behaviour towards lower caste pupils.

Speaking about the relation between IIT’s and caste issues, over the period of 4 yrs, the IIT campus has witnessed 4 major issues over caste issues and in a few of them, the victim chose suicide as an option.

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Psychologist required?

Vipin in his letter quoted that there should be a committee separately for SC and OBC students along with a ‘Psychologist at the campus if they really don’t want any such issues in the future.

What do you feel about the horrors in IIT campuses over caste? Who or what is the reason behind these shameful events?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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