In India, Telegram now offers a Premium subscription—is it worthwhile?

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The platform monetization strategy for Telegram has now been disclosed. Users now get special access to some features thanks to the company’s newly announced Premium membership.

Since they don’t want to rely on advertisements and the messaging app presently has 700 million active monthly users, Telegram thinks they can contribute to its growth.

If users wish to sign up for the new subscription service and gain access to premium features, they must upgrade the app. But is the new Telegram Premium subscription worthwhile? To learn more, keep reading.

Is it worthwhile to get a Telegram Premium subscription?
The subscription’s cost is excessive, and its features might not be adequate. You must pay Rs 460 for the Android version of Telegram and Rs 469 for the iOS version to become a Premium member. This basically means that an Android user must spend Rs 5,520 annually in order to use Telegram’s premium services.


Despite providing a tonne of stuff, Netflix does not charge this much. The low-price, more-content model has immensely benefited Netflix and attracted a lot of users, despite the fact that this is not a messaging app and the two are not similar.

However, if you frequently use Telegram, you may want to think about purchasing a membership due to its advantages. The ability to share high-definition movies and receive limitless storage space in the Telegram cloud are two of the best features of the Premium service. The programme allows users to exchange files up to 4GB in size, each of which can be 2GB in size. But once more, individuals can just pay Rs 1,300 annually for 100GB of Google Photos’ cloud storage.

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Along with other features, the subscription package includes dynamic profile images, premium badges, faster download times, and no advertisements. The voice-to-text function is surprisingly helpful.

To make the spoken message easier for a user to understand, it instantly translates and displays it in text.

According to Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, only a small number of users will pay for the Premium subscription, which will help defray some costs and free the company from the need for advertisements. If we compare the cost to well-known subscription-based services, it is still quite pricey. People today already spend a lot of money on various subscriptions, so paying over Rs 5,500 annually for one app only to access certain unique messaging app features is quite significant.

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