In the Chennai region, only vaccinated passengers are allowed on suburban trains

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Due to the rapid increase in new COVID-19 cases in Tamil Nadu, travellers who have taken both doses of the vaccine will be permitted to travel on Southern Railway’s suburban services from January 10, the Southern Railway announced on Saturday.

Passengers having two doses of immunisation would be allowed to travel in the Chennai region, according to the most recent set of instructions published by it.

The Southern Railway has also threatened to charge a customer who is not wearing a face mask in the station a fee of Rs 500.


In light of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases and the threat of the Omicron form, the Tamil Nadu government has set a number of limitations, with suburban rail services operating at 50% capacity as of January 6.

Only passengers with a certificate of COVID-19 immunisation will be allowed to ride in suburban trains from 4 a.m. on January 10 to 23.59 p.m. on January 31, according to a press release.

Passengers must provide their immunisation certificate, as well as a valid identity evidence, at the counters in order to get journey or season tickets, according to the announcement.

The UTS on mobile application service would not be available to passengers during the above-mentioned period, according to the Southern Railway.

In light of the country’s pandemic condition, and in accordance with directives provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Tamil Nadu government, the Southern Railway stated it has implemented various limitations and relaxations where necessary.


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