In the manner as Annadurai Stalins tries to build trust in his rule and to bring the old glory to the veteran Dravidian big fish

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The CM of Tamilnadu, MK Stalin has been keen in appointing highly witted and diplomatic buerocrats in his team to provide a much better rule for the state, as he tries to bring back the glory to his rule and his party like the old times.

Progressing action plan

The new CM of Tamilnadu, MK Stalin has been furious in his actions so far. Starting from his powerful decisions in appointing his comrades from the party as well as in the administrative sector. Stalin in his progressing action plan seems to evidently reflect the age-old sentiments from the time of his father as he marches towards forming a high intellect group of pioneers around him.

V Irai Anbu was made chief secretary

His difference in approach was evident when a few veterans of the administration notably V Irai Anbu was made chief secretary and T Udhayachandran, who became the principal secretary to the chief minister, on the very first day the DMK had assumed office.

With this said, the current government also has its own challenges to face as the NEET and other internal regrets must be dealt with at the earliest ways possible.

What do you feel about the current government of Tamilnadu? Will the DMK prove better?

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