India becomes a pioneer in COVID vaccine production in the world; gets appreciated at the UN

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The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres spoke in the UN appreciating India’s efforts in mass-producing the COVID vaccines.

Best asset for the world

The UN Secretary-General praised India and said that its current ability to produce vaccines at a large scale is the ‘best asset’ to the world right now. In his speech, he also said that,” I know that in India there is a very high level of production of Indian developed vaccines. We are in contact with Indian institutions for that. We strongly hope that India will have all the instruments that are necessary to play a major role in making sure that a global vaccination is campaign is made possible.”

Also, he added that” I think that the production capacity of India is the best asset that the world has today. I hope the world understands that it must be fully used,”.

License for production globally

The Sec-Gen also talked about allocating licenses for the production of the certified vaccines all over the world by their own locally available pharmaceutical firms.  

The world nations are closely watching the progress that India is making out on the grounds of producing COVID vaccines. And here at the juncture, India has reported having injected the largest population in the world with the COVID vaccine created within Indian boundaries.

What do you feel about the statement of the UN Sec-Gen? Will India rise to be the greatest country to fight back COVID?

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