India slips down 6 positions in the world corruption index from 80 to 86

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India slipped down 6 places in the corruption index from 80 to 86 amongst 180 countries.

80th position

The country of India was subjected to criticism when it secured the 80th position in the world corruption index last year, where there was just one point drop in the corruption value of India in 2019. And currently amongst an annual survey on corruption taken with 180 countries; India has dropped 6 positions and that is observed to be a very good improvement.

Least management strategies

Countries like Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, etc, have secured the top positions of the Index with 88 to 89 points. Similarly, countries such as Somalia and Syria have scaled to a low score of 14 and 15 with the least management strategies to reduce corruption in their respective countries.

COVID intervention

According to the organization which took the survey, the COVID intervention has cost in an increased sum of corruption rate worldwide. And it has also advised various countries to establish better management works for the reduction in corruption rate worldwide.

India’s improvement in reduced corruption even in this crisis situation, has gained great confidence for the country’s management and in the minds of the people as well.

What do you feel about the countries current position? Can India get better?

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