political leader club of India day

Modi Joins the 20-year veteran political leader club of India today

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Modi joins political leader club of India today

In the democratic path of political importance, the present prime minister of India, Mr.Narendra Modi is stepping into his 20th year of service after constituting a 19-year-old streak as an active politician who was bestowed in political service.

 political leader club of India day
Social life at an age of 18

Starting his social life at the age of 18, the Prime minister joined the RSS party and worked as an active volunteer there. Later he joined to his present political home, The BJP.

First post as a state’s leader

In the year 2001, the state of Gujarat countered an imminent earthquake which costed humongous loss of life and property.  At that time the state was under the authority of Former chief minister of Gujrat, Mr Keshubai Patel. There were several controversies raised on his governance over the state especially during the disaster situation. This gave the then government a higher pressure with the people in one side and the catastrophe in the other. And to counter this, on October 7th 2001, Modi was declared as the state’s Chief Minister. At that time interestingly Modi had no previous experience as a leader in any form of constituency.

Vibrant Gujarat

After Modi’s entrance into the state, very soon the state of Gujarat gained a more self -sustained status in most fields. With his plans like ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ and certain other well –structured welfare schemes the state of Gujarat soon turned into one of the pioneer states in the country. In the state assembly elections of the years 2002, 2007 and 2012; the BJP party secured a pinnacle of glory with the governance of Modi and he continued to be a light bringer to the state.

It was also during this time, Modi constructed a solid foundation in the hearts of the people on replacing the central governance from the Congress party to the BJP.

14th Prime minister

His next step into the national politics happened when he won the Lok shaba elections and sooner he was announced as the Prime minister candidate of the party. And the dream came true, when Modi was elected as the country’s 14th Prime minister in the year 2014.

Golden era for India

India has gone through a lot of reforms in the governance of Modi. The prime minister works constantly in bringing the dreams of the people come true year by year. Some of the greatest welfares that had happened in his time includes the settling of the Rama jenma Bhoomi issue, demonetisation to end corruption, Digital money, digital India, Smart India, Swatch Bharath, etc. 

Even in the Pandemic situation, the prime minister’s governance has allowed less loss of life in the Indian grounds also giving India a world dominance along with the other super powers like UK, USA, etc.

Under his Government numerous welfare schemes were made to the agriculture sector as well, where many constrains which held the farming community towards deterioration were removed and the farmers enjoy a state of stability now.

The country ventures into new sectors every year

The government of Modi has definitely improved the country in so many sectors. Improvement has been focussed and the country ventures into newer stages of betterment every year. India’s development has reflected in the world’s wellbeing in so many ways. And now India is requesting the UN to provide India a permanent member status. If this happens then India will be one of the major powers in the world. All this came true by this gentleman Mr Narendra Modi.

Let’s wish him a good welcome in this 20th year.

What do you feel about the government of the PM? What’s your opinion on his welfare schemes?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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