It’s now a BJP favoured democracy! says Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal

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Aravind Kejriwal has opened a statement mentioning that the elections and the democratic backbone of the country has been shattered by the BJP.

One-sided democracy?

Aravind Kejriwal has roasted the BJP party stating that democracy has been gradually BJP sided and the elections are just there for them to have an internal tour and deliver powerful speeches, he said.

The comment was made mentioning his condemnation of the Delhi bill. He also added that whoever or whatever might win the elections, the BJP will eventually have the power either through electoral mandate, or through defections and manipulation, and, if nothing else works, through parliamentary fiat.

An eye candy

He made a queer statement that elections are simply a tool for the BJP to actually discover India and deliver highly powerful speeches to attract the people; though the ultimate outcome of their schemes is absurd, he said.

The possesion of supremacy and power

The CM has made this statement as the BJP has been trying constantly to earn some trust and supremacy over the Capital city of the country owing to the vote banks available over there.

Also with the BJP becoming a powerful name over the past decade have almost belittling other voices and have been conducting a stage drama for democracy he added.

A very brutal majority in the Parliament house

In spite of the heavy roasting by the CM of Delhi, the BJP has not reacted to any of the statements yet referring to be the bigger side in terms of majority in the parliament house and in reply to criticism.

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What do you feel about the comment of the Delhi CM? Will that create any change?

Comment your thoughts about the BJP rule, and join us in the discussion.

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