Karnataka under the hold of the 3rd COVID wave, new strain exhibiting fury on children

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Children between the age of 0-19 have tested positive around the time of March 18 and May 18. A report also mentioned that around 1.4 lakh children have been tested positive in Karnataka.

636 kids infected

Around 436 COVID cases in the age group of 0-9 years were recorded in Bengaluru, Karnataka between May 13 and May 19. This didn’t stop there as the state had a maximum number of cases registered by May 15 when 636 kids were found to have the virus.

All over the nation around 39,846 children below the age of nine and 1,05,044 aged 10-19 years have tested positive for the virus between March 18 and May 18 this year, according to a report. But yet the answer to the riddle, where does the kids get the infection being the schools and colleges shut down?

Parents be the primary carriers of the virus

Pediatricians explain that the parents establish the primary contact of virus for the children. Also, as a result of negligence in self-isolation from the elders, the children get highly prone to be the new hosts for the virus. And it is also found that the new ‘kids’ strain is severely spreading all over its point of discovery.

Recovery time is faster than adults

On a positive note, District surgeon and pediatrician Dr. PR Havanur said that the recovery rate in kids is very early compared with adults. The children get better results as far as within 3 days of infection in comparison with adults.

Havanur added that,”Most of the children affected with COVID-19 in our district did not require hospitalisation and they only had mild symptoms like fever and cough. Unlike adults, who faced breathing issues, it was not the case with children,” 

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UNICEF’s concern

With this in India, UNICEF has been keen on noticing the infection, especially in kids as that might go worse. It has raised several concerns according to the nutrition of the kids. And in a statement, it said, “The latest surge is bringing dire consequences for children whose access to essential health, social, protection, and education services is being constrained…They are missing out on lifesaving routine immunizations, critical care, and treatment for pneumonia and other diseases,” 

Dr. CN Manjunath says

Dr. CN Manjunath, head of the COVID-19 expert committee and nodal officer for COVID testing in Karnataka, said that the children become highly prone and vulnerable to the virus as the remaining population is being vaccinated except the kids. And this could be another serious concern for the 3rd wave spreading in the children.

With the current wave to be fatal around the country, a new wave could go acute. And if this continues in the case of kids, we will never know what to expect!

What do you feel about the 3rd wave? Will the government produce safety for the kids at the earliest?

Comment your thoughts below and join us in the discussion.

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